Our Story

Creating Stylish Watches With A Purpose

Benoît Watch was started by our founder, Eric Adeyemi, a wristwatch enthusiast who is passionate about the design, craftsmanship, and aesthetics of contemporary timepieces. As an avid collector of watches, he built the keen skill to perfectly match wristwatches with outfits. So much so that he wanted to build a collection of timepieces that are versatile, minimal, and bring a positive touch to the outfits of the wearer.


Our Inspiration

Since the inception of Benoît Watch, the focus of our brand has not just been creating elegant, minimalist watches for men and women. We’ve always strived to be more than just a watch brand, so helping communities in need was a given. The French word for ‘blessed’, Benoît Watch aims to be a blessing to the wearer and the community at large.


Our Mission

As a second-generation Canadian, our founder, Eric Adeyemi, has always felt blessed. But that wasn’t necessarily the case for his parents who moved to Canada from Nigeria decades ago. As newcomers to a foreign land, they struggled to cope with the stress of being far away from family, settling down, and adapting to a different culture, all in search of a better life for their future generations. Those were difficult times, and understandably their mental health took a hit.

The stories of Eric’s parents are forever etched in his mind. He knew that going back in time is impossible, but he knew he could help uplift other people who may be going through the same things. From this very feeling arose the vision of building a world where access to help is easily available to those struggling both financially and mentally.

We’re partnering with two causes here in Canada that are very close to our hearts: Mental Health Awareness (In partnership with Progress Place) and Refugee Aid (In Partnership with Mathew House). A portion of the proceeds from every Benoît watch you buy goes towards supporting these causes. So you can wear your watch with pride for more than one reason.